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So, the moment has come, that inevitable moment, which we always pushed behind our minds because we thought, we had time. Laughing around with our friends, all those lectures that we bunked. Failing quizzes together, and just being silly about making fun of teachers. Calling each other names. Stressing about …

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I Am Zainab

And her parents might be thinking of her future; she could be a good artist, painting her imaginations, describing the world and emotions using different colors and brush strokes. Or a writer… putting the pen on a piece of paper and making scratches about how she feels. A doctor, who …

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The Washington Accord

As communicated earlier, Pakistan has finally signed the Washington Accord and have become the 19th full signatory country after a continuous struggle of 8 years by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Here are some info graphics which will add some quick information about the background and benefits of the accord to …

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ECAT 2017 Registration Process

>> ECAT 2017 Registration Process << Read all the instructions carefully. All the process is Online. You have to buy a token from the mentioned branches of HBL worth 500/-. After buying the token, login to admission.uet.edu.pk by the details mentioned on your token. Upload your picture and other information, …

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Campus Diaries

Campus Diaries – My awesome journey during these 4 years ! “UET is a place which can either teach you something or can ruin your whole life, it all depends on you.” Harris Naeem is currently working as the President of Society of Mining Engineers (SOME) and it’s one of …

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Campus Dairies

Campus Diaries – My awesome journey of 4 years ! “UET was an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot while I stayed here. UET infused confidence in me which helped me in character development. UET is a place which will either make you or break you. All I …

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