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Campus Diaries – My awesome journey of 4 years !

“UET was an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot while I stayed here. UET infused confidence in me which helped me in character development. UET is a place which will either make you or break you. All I can say is that you should be social and focus on grooming yourself. Only then, you’ll be able to be somebody. You can learn a lot in these four years so try to be someone with a character worth praising.

UET gave me a lot of moments and places worth remembering. I will always remember the roof of chemistry department. I will never forget the tour to GIKI with my class fellows. I also remember the time when I was almost expelled from my hostel just because my mobile phone was switched off. During these five years, the most annoying thing for me was how people kept calling me despite the fact that my nationality is Pakistani.”

Saleha is currently working as the vice president of SPACE. When we asked Saleha about how empowering it was for her to become the vice president, she said, “I felt highly empowered. I realized that I am capable of a lot and it boosted my confidence.”

Saleha defines herself as a friendly, fun loving and trustworthy person. She believes in self empowerment, that’s why when we asked her where does she see herself in five years, she told us that she would probably be living as an independent girl.

Saleha wants to work for Nestle however she also dream of being a model. We asked Saleha what she’d do if we gave her 15 minutes of fame, to which she responded by saying that she’ll want to be the brand ambassador of Nestle during those 15 minutes
Saleha says that if she’s made VC for a day, she’ll merge all the societies into one united group of students. We also asked Saleha about which department she’d join if she was given an opportunity to start her bachelor’s degree all over again to which she responded by saying that she’d probably join CS department.

Saleha Arif
Vice President SPACE UET
Bsc Chemical Engineering

You may reach Saleha at:

– This interview is conducted, documented and photographed by: Bareea Tariq, Umer Afzal , Mohammad Junaid Bukhari, Tabraiz Qamar and Usama Atta | UET Tribune

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