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Campus Diaries – My awesome journey during these 4 years !

“UET is a place which can either teach you something or can ruin your whole life, it all depends on you.” Harris Naeem is currently working as the President of Society of Mining Engineers (SOME) and it’s one of the best things happened to him after too much struggle.

About university life, Harris Naeem exhibits his thoughts as “University is not just about enjoying things, it is a substage of professional life and this is how we should spend it to build professionalism”. Harris Naeem is a passionate and hardworking gentleman. When we asked him if we will make him VC for one day what would he do he exclaimed that he will focus on the infrastructure of the university as it infuses something in a student and brings positive change in behavior. Along with that, he will develop professional and communication skills in UETias through properly planned workshops.

Being part of SoME, he managed to renovate 2 model classrooms, 1 modern library, and 12 faculty rooms in Mining Engineering Department by raising funding from alumni. He is part of various research projects and heads liaison between the mining industry and academia through SoME.
Being an ambitious young man, the future goals of Harris are of doing MBA from USA, getting involved in world class organizations and working for his own department. Room 210 of his department and Annexe are Harris’s best places in UET.
The noise of traffic and negative behavior of people (saying NO to everything) annoys him the most.

I love people who have always trusted me and help me achieve something extraordinary such as Saba Noor. She has always been there for me and uplifted me in my lazy, boring and down times. On asking what would he do in his 15 minutes of fame his precious words were, “I would definitely create jobs for fresh graduates and will change the mindset in a way that don’t run after the money, just grab the opportunities.”

Harris Naeem, the president of SOME concluded his interview with UET Tribune by advising the juniors in these words, “Be prepared for the future professional life through proper plans and build professionalism in you as it is the only way forward.”

Harris Naeem
President SoME UET
BS Mining Engineering

You may reach Harris at:

This interview is conducted, documented and photographed by: Usama Atta, Muhammad Asaad Bilal, Tabraiz Qamar, Tahreem Ejaz and Mohammad Junaid Bukhari | UET Tribune

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