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CO- Founder UET Tribune Haris Rana


I had a dream! that I had to become an Engineer from UET Lahore but at that time I didn’t know how to accomplish my dream because I had just secured 879 marks in FSc and everyone was like you couldn’t make into the UET. I was just optimistic about my admission in UET and kept on working hard for ECAT. Then after working so diligently I managed to get 284 in ECAT and got admission in Department of Chemical Engineering UET Lahore. When I went there I saw students with 980+ marks in FSc. I looked up in the Sky and Thanked Allah Almighty for everything I had that time.

When I entered UET my confidence level was quite low but my friends really supported me in this regard, specially my first group that was formed for “Communication Skills – I”. I would like to take few names who really supported through out this 4 year journey of UET that are Ali Usman, Usman Islam,MoHsin MaLik, Umar Irshad, SyEd TAymoor Ali,Usama Jawaid, Syed Hassan Zoraez, Sadia Qamar, Tayyiba Zafrullah, Konpal Tahir, Maheen Rana, Aleena Aslam, Umair Ismail, Hassan Mirzaand all others.

And then I started to work on my social life. SPACE was the first society I joined in UET as a general member. Then I volunteered almost every society of UET. At the end I decided to stick with one society and that was ASHRAE UET Lahore Student Chapter.

Things were quite different there. The way seniors (Umar Bhai, Mannan Bhai, Sidrah Baji, Sarah Baji,Sarosh Baji and all others) treated me there is just speechless. The respect everyone gave me there was awesome. I joined ASHRAE formally as Director of Communication, Documentation and Creative Hub in 2015 after volunteering the The Best Mega Event of UET i.e KAIZEN. My Juniors did really well: Saif, Maleeha, Arooj, Javeria and all the creative hub members (Abdullah, Hamza,Fatima, Sarah, Bareea, Romasa, Faizan and all others). Thanks to the whole executive body specially Mudabbar (The Coolest President).

After joining ASHRAE, Umar Azam (Geological Engineering 2012) and I started “UET Tribune” in March 2015 which is the UET’s First & the Fastest Growing Magazine Style Official News Network. We believe that graphics has more power than simple text news. We managed to get 23K likes just in a year. That speaks volumes of our success.

In the end, If anyone says you “there is nothing in UET!”, he is absolutely wrong! The Thing is you just need to explore things, explore them from the very first day. Once you get to them, choosing the things among them is just like watching a video on a website. When you are halfway through the video and glance over at the sidebar, you find something else that seems more interesting! That’s the beauty of UET that compelled me to try every new thing, every new day. Instead of becoming a specialist in one thing, I believe in being all-rounder. My advice to juniors is that don’t pay a head to the HORROR TELLER in UET, who starts explain the every worst expect of UET on the very first day. The more you explore it yourself, the more you will in love with it!

Rana Muhammad Haris
– Co Founder UET Tribune
– Dir of Communication, Documentation and Creative Hub ASHRAE UET Lahore.

BSc Chemical Engineering

You can contact Haris at:

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