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I Am Zainab

And her parents might be thinking of her future; she could be a good artist, painting her imaginations, describing the world and emotions using different colors and brush strokes. Or a writer… putting the pen on a piece of paper and making scratches about how she feels. A doctor, who devotes herself for the sake of humanity, or she can teach kids to make a better future of the society…

But no! she ended up like this. Being raped and killed. Another innocent soul was brutally thrown into trash. So that’s what a life cost, eh?? Bring up a child, educate them, fulfill their desires just to see them ending up like this??


When will we wake up? How many innocent souls have to go through this to make us feel that it is wrong?


Women are respectable souls. No matter in what relation she comes; mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, cousin, colleague, salesgirl, or anyone.. she is meant to be respected in every way.


Educate your people, educate your friends, brothers, kids, and above all, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

Stop being so inhumane.








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